Foundational Knowledge for the Advanced Data Scientist

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Making Sense of Big Data

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Impactful Data Science

Essential Data Science Skills

Demonstrating where to download JARs and how to install them on AWS EMR clusters for access from EMR Notebooks

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Impactful Data Science

Communicating a coherent, data-driven story is the most important skill for today’s data scientist yet the least developed. Better tools can help — learn about a new one today.

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Instructions (Part 1: Wireshark GUI )

advanced data science skills

Setting up your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic MapReduce (EMR) Cluster with XGBoost

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  1. Download the latest Stable installation of PuTTY (e.g. putty-64bit-0.74-installer.msi). The installation should also install needed utilities like puttygen and pageant.


  • Soft skills are as important as technical ability. The hierarchies of…

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